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A Few Sale Listings 

  • Mackie 32 x 8 Mixer for sale Needs Cleaning but it Works            $250.00

  • SWR 2x12 Bass Combo Buzz/Hums and the speakers blown but it works.     $40.00

  • I have many Speaker Stands that need Bolts & Nuts           $10.00 Each

  • 2 Heavy duty Atlas Sound Pro telescopic boom Stands  with wheels.      $150.00 ea

  • EV 1x 15" with Hfq Horn Road Ready PA/Bass Cab.  $75.00

  • Cerwin Vega 1x18 folded Cab Speaker buzzes $25,00\

  • BC Rich NJ series Guitar needs tremelo Lock Nut part & Trem Bar.       $125.00

  • I will list more stuff Later. I will be selling PA gear and used Mics, Drum Kits etc. 

Atlas Sound Heavy Duty Telescopic Pro Boom Stands
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