A Brief 36 Year History of Lennon Studios

Lennon Studios a Woman owned business first opened it’s doors in 1984 on Capp Street in San Francisco's Mission District as Capp Street Studios, playing host to such bands as 4 Non Blondes, Chris Issacs, The Tubes, Faith No More, Dead Kennedys, Verbal Abuse, Flipper, L-7 & Death Angel. Owner Carole Lennon started the Studios so her two young boys Frankie and Andrew (who were in bands at that time) would have a safe place to rehearse. In 1992 having outgrown that location Carole along with her manager and former Studio Instrument Rental Employee & local musician Jimmy Crucifix moved operations to Ninth Street in the South of Market area of San Francisco. Here Lennon Rehearsal & Music Services was unleashed and introduced the very first late night music store & the very first fully equipped rehearsal rooms in S.F. introduced in BAM magazine as: “The New York Special” since all the studios in New York had gear in their rooms and the studios in S.F. did not. We then opened a second location dedicated strictly to monthly lockout & music education studios. At Lennon we still continue to provide the local musicians with quality hourly rehearsal and we still have the fully equipped New York Special running 7 days a week. Setting the standards in rehearsal for Over 36 years and helping local & touring musicians reach their goals is what we’re all about. We are a Real Rehearsal Studio and not some fly by night operation with a fancy web site better than our actual presence.  What you see is what you get and at Lennon Studios that's the best.


Lennon Studios Staff is made up of local and (A few from abroad) ....Rock n' Roll & Punk Rock Musicians, Artists & Creative people from the Hardcore & Underground Music Scene. Lennon Studios was born along with the likes of The Mabuhay Gardens, Valencia Street Tool n' Die, The Hamms Brewery Vats, The Compound, Secret Studios, The Chatterbox and many other underground Spots in the Early to late 80's.

Carole Lennon / CEO / El Presidente

Jimmy Crucifix / Studio Manager:  Former S.I.R  Hollywood Guitarist for CRUCIFIX - PROUDFLESH- FANG - THE NEXT

Alfie Kulzick /  Office Manager: former Owner THE CHATTERBOX Night Club & Bar (1980's)

Andrew Boak / Guitarist for NOTAG (New Zeland)  BLANK SPOTS

Chelsea Rose /Lead Singer Songwriter BITE - WTD - 

Luna Penny OLcott / Artist

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